Cool Activities on Sunday in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a small city but it is really a multi-racial zone. Enjoying some blissful, warm, friendly atmosphere with new friends is worthwhile to try.

Do you visit Nha Trang at weekends? Are you searching for an awesome thing? We want to introduce you to an amazing outdoor thing. At the activity you have a good chance to make friends, to have a chit-chat with local people, worldwide aliens.

What is Hash House Harriers?

The History of Hash House Harriers

The idea of hashing was born around 1938 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, as a club for drinkers with a running problem. They called themselves the Hash House Harriers (HHH), named after the building where they met every week to run. You can find endless information about The Hash on the Internet.

These days an estimated 2000 chapters, spanning all 7 continents uphold the original tradition.

Every Hash chapter has its own interpretation of Hash but generally, the Pack (the runners and walkers) try to follow a trail, laid by one or two club members (the Hares).

By putting false trails, the Hares make sure that quick runners arrive more or less at the same time at the finish as the crawlers/walkers/joggers. There are no winners and upon completion, everybody is rewarded with a a snack and a couple of drinks in the ‘circle, ‘ where the emphasis is on fun.

Nha Trang H3 website

Nha Trang Hash House Harriers

The short-form of Nha Trang Hash House Harriers is Nha Trang H3.

Nha Trang H3 History

NTH3 was born in February 2013. DINGO, a long term Hasher from Australia, had been trying desperately for months to find some people in Nha Trang who would form part of the opening NTH3 “Pack”. DINGO met up with AH SHIT, a visiting Hasher from the USA and eventually they gathered a pack of miscreants together… The rest is History.

GOOD TO THE LAST DROP (GTtLD) was hard to get on board at first, but with her solid history of Vietnam Hashing, it was worth the effort to win her over and navigate any pitfalls for unsuspecting Hashers in Vietnam. Once hooked, GTtLD worked tirelessly with DINGO as joint GM for the first year to get NTH3 off the ground and running.

After a soft-opening and a few Runs up their sleeve, NTH3 had its official Run No. 1 Weekend in April 2013. Saigon HHH supported the newborn Hash in big numbers and all attendees were provided with one hell of a weekend; the madness and activities extending to land and sea.

From Nha Trang H3 website.

You wonder “I am a fragile person. May I join Nha Trang H3?“.

Don’t worry. The rules of the game are very simple: run, hike, walk, socialize, and drink.

Where? At Mr. Mập Retaurant, 68 Tran Nhat Duat Street, view the map HERE.

Details: participants are present at the time of starting (about 2:45 pm.), pay a fee (< $10).

How to join Nha Trang H3?

It’s easy to register. You should make a phone call (we mention below) to a guy who is a middle-aged Assie.

When do you call? Before 3 pm. on every Sunday. Fee: less than 10$ per person.

Nha Trang H3 official contact

Some Photos

You can visit the Nha Trang Hash House Harriers website at nhatranghash dot com for more and updated information.

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